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blonde girl looking at the sunset

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If you would like to commission me to create a painting or drawing of your loved one/s or a whole new composition inspired by my paintings, please get in contact for a rough quote .

1.  Email me with an attachment of  a high-resolution photo of yourself or the person who will be in the portrait. 


2.  Indicate if you want a classical head and shoulders portrait or a full body portrait. 


3.  Indicate if you want a creative or special background and if possible send a high-resolution photo of your desired background image. 



Once I have reference photos to work from I will send you some mock ups of different compositions/crops. When we agree on a composition, I then give a firm quote and require a 20% deposit to secure the commission and my next time slot.


Once you see the digital image of your portrait and if you wish to have any changes made, I am happy to modify it as needed. Once the piece is finished and you are happy with the outcome I then require the balance to be paid before delivering the painting or drawing.

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